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705 Aspen Dr, Colorado Springs, CO
Widefield Community Center
1. From southbound I-25 exit 135, east/north on S Academy Blvd (.7 miles) to US-85/87.
2. Southwest (right) on US-85/87 (1.3 miles) to Main St.
3. Northeast (left) on Main St (.4 miles) to Norman Dr (Norman Dr is the first right after Main St heads left).
4. East (right) on Norman Dr to (.1 miles) to Widefield Dr.
5. Southeast (right) on Widefield Dr to Hackberry Dr.
6. Follow Hackberry Dr around to Aspen Dr to WCC.

From Pueblo (not sure if this is any faster than going to exit 135):
1. From I-25 exit 132, east on Hwy-16 (.4 miles) to US-85/87.
2. Northwest (left) on US-85/87 (1.2 miles) to Fountaine Blvd.
3. East (right) on Fountaine Blvd (.6 miles) to Grinnel Blvd.
4. North left) on Grinnel Blvd (.8 miles) to Crawford Ave.
5. West (left) on Crawford Ave (.4 miles) to Widick St.
6. North (right) on Widick St to WCC.
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