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1230 S Grant St, Denver, CO
McKinley-Thatcher School
1. From southbound I-25 exit 207A, south on Broadway (.2 miles) to Mississippi Ave.
2. East (left) on Mississippi Ave (3 blocks) to Grant St.
3. South (right) on Grant St (1-1/2 blocks) to McKinley-Thatcher Elementary School.

1. From northbound I-25, take the Downing St exit (exit 206), you will be on the off-ramp and N Buchtel Blvd for (.5 miles) prior to getting to Louisiana Ave.
(N Buchtel Blvd not labeled on map)
2. West (left) on Louisiana Ave (.2 miles) to Logan St.
3. North (right) on Logan St (1 block) to Arizona St.
4. West (left) on Arizona St (1 block) to Grant St.
5. South (left) on Grant St (1/2 block) to McKinley-Thatcher Elementary School.