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6363 S Waco St, Aurora, CO
Fox Hollow Elementary School
1. From I-25 exit 197, east on Arapahoe Rd (5.6 miles) to Waco St.
(I-25 not shown on map)
2. North (left) on Waco St (.5 miles) to Fox Hollow Elementary School.
3. Fox Hollow Elementary School is on the west side.

1. From I-225 exit 4, south on Parker Rd/Hwy-83 (4.1 miles) to Orchard Ave.
2. East (left) on Orchard Ave (1 mile) to Buckley Rd.
3. South (right) on Buckley Rd (.6 miles) to Caley Ave.
4. East (left) on Caley Ave (.2 miles) to Waco St.
(Caley Ave becomes Waco St)
5. Continue on Waco St to Fox Hollow Elementary School.