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32003 Ellingwood Trail, Evergreen, CO
Buchanan Park
1. From westbound I-70 exit 252 (Evergreen Pkwy exit), south on Evergreen Pkwy/Hwy-74 East.
1. From eastbound I-70 exit 251, south/east on US-40 (.5 miles) to Evergreen Pkwy/Hwy-74 East.

2. South on Evergreen Parkway/Hwy-74 East (approx 3 miles) to Squaw Pass Rd. As you go south on Hwy-74, Squaw Pass Rd is the next light after CR-65.

3. East (left) at Squaw Pass Rd to Buchanan Park. Actually, when you go left at Squaw Pass Rd, you will be on Ellingwood Trail, but there is no sign for Ellingwood Trail.

4. Baseball fields are on your left.